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これはフランスポストのコードページです。 このページには、コード方法、封筒の例と住所の形式、郵便番号を正しく書く方法、郵便番号の照会のための参照リンクなどの内容が含まれています。





ランスは5桁の数値の郵便番号を使用しています。彼らは1972年に現在の5桁のシステムを使用するように更新されました. e.g:

3 3 3 8 0

最初の2桁は都市を表す。最後の3桁は、より正確な位置を識別します。 000一般的には県のために予約される。



33380 MIOS

A regular postcode always ends with a 0, with the notable exception of Paris, Lyon and Marseille - see below - and the Overseas Départements and Territories. Postcodes not ending with a 0 may indicate a special code, known as CEDEX (see below), or newest postcodes.

In Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the last two digits of the postal code indicate the arrondissement. Prior to 1972, an address in the eighth arrondissement in Paris, would be written as:

8 rue Chambiges
Paris 8e

This number was incorporated into the postal code as:

8 rue Chambiges
75008 Paris

An exception to this rule is the XVIe arrondissement of Paris, which has two postal codes, 75016 (south) and 75116 (north).

In each département, the préfecture (main city) has a postal code ending with 000, for example Bourges in Cher (department):

15 avenue du Général Leclerc
18000 Bourges

The more important the city, the simpler the postal code. The sous-préfectures are generally recognized by using a XXX00 postcode. Here is for example the postal code of a small village, Lépaud in Creuse:

16 grande rue
23170 Lépaud

And the postal code of Mortagne-au-Perche, sous-préfecture of the Département de l'Orne:

4 rue des Quinze Fusillés
61400 Mortagne-au-Perche

It is not rare that many adjacent villages share the same postal code, which is primarily associated with a bigger post office, e.g.: 64150 can correspond to Abidos, Bésingrand, Lagor, Lahourcade, Mourenx, Noguère, Os Marsillon, Pardies, Sauvelade and Vielleségure.

Overseas Départements and Territories use 3-digit codes starting with : 971 (Guadeloupe), 972 (Martinique), 973 (French Guiana), 974 (Réunion), 975 (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon), 976 (Mayotte), 984 (French Southern and Antarctic Lands), 986 (Wallis and Futuna), 987 (French Polynesia), 988 (New Caledonia). In March 2008 La Poste proposed allotting 977 to Saint Barthélemy and 978 to Saint Martin (France) due to their new status as Overseas collectivity.

In this case, the last zero is dropped so as to keep the 5-digit format. This is why the regular postcodes for these do not end with 0 except for the préfecture or sous-préfecture, for example:

Maison du Port
97100 Basse-Terre
4 boulevard du Général de Gaulle
97320 Saint-Laurent du Maroni
193 RN2
97439 Sainte-Rose


There is also a system known as CEDEX, Courrier d'Entreprise à Distribution EXceptionnelle ("special mail distribution for companies"), designed for recipients of large volumes of mail. A postal code is allocated to each large organisation or to post office box holders, ending in three unique digits, for example:

12 rue de Broquedis
64205 Biarritz CEDEX

CEDEX should always be written in capitals. It may be followed by a number, if the town has more than one post office, or if it is split into arrondissements.

Ordinary deliveries would be addressed to:

12 rue de Broquedis
64200 Biarritz

It is acceptable to include a boîte postale (post office box) number as well as the street address in CEDEX addresses.


The French postal code system is also used in Monaco as if it were a French département numbered 98. However the destination country that has to be indicated, when sending a letter from outside the country, is "Monaco" and not "France".

12 avenue de la Costa
98000 Monaco
23 Avenue Prince Héréditaire Albert
98025 Monaco CEDEX



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